Get soft feet now!


This enables dry tough skin to become soft and more manageable + gain the benefits of relaxation helping to reduce aches and pains like headache

  • 1 cup milk + rose water
  • Milk + warm water soak
    naturally softens
  • Mint leaves + warm water
  • Honey + warm water
    very moisturizing
  • Salt + warm water
    helps to eliminate bacteria
  • Lemon juice + olive oil + milk + water
    brightens and lightens while moisturising
  • Coffee + salt + honey + water
    rejuvenates skin on feet


Get rid of the unnecessary dead skin left behind after softening with a soak

  • Baking soda
    eliminates bacteria and acts as a mild scrub
  • Salt
    use after drying feet so the salt doesn’t dissolve on contact. Great for course skin and helps with bacteria elimination
  • Sugar + honey
    moisturises and exfoliates at the same time while repairing skin
  • Use a corn knife
    this comes with a blade and acts like a potato peeler. This is for feet that have extreme dead skin especially on the heels. NB. this will not cut off more than your dead skin so do not be afraid of using this. Please still be careful.


for feet, you will need to use thickened butters or creams that ensure they remain soft and smooth

  • Bodybutter
    see “Body” page on how to make your own
  • Shea butter
    Amazing thick repairing lotion
  • coconut oil
    repairing qualities
  • bag balm
  • vaseline

be sure to wear plastic bags on your feet for a 20min mask for your feet – leaves your feet extra conditioned

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