• Honey
    (For dry to normal and sensitive skin)
    Very moisturizing, helps irritated skin, reduces pore size, like a natural botox for your skin

  • Oatmeal
    (Sensitive skin, also for all skin types)
    Very moisturizing, promotes glowing and enhances brightness of skin


Do this once a week to help with skin cell turnover and increase blood flow for great health skin

  • Salt + oil
    (acne remedy, exfoliated, targets blackheads) – use very gently

  • Baking soda + water
    (closest to a microdermabrasion, great gentle exfoliant – highly recommend this, solution for skin pigmentation)
  • Sugar
    mix with honey for differed texture
    You can also use this as a lip scrub!
    (tightens pores, reduces lines, for course skin)
  • Lemon + sugar
    (targets acne, removes impurities, adds vitamin C to your skin for a great glow, brightens and lightens skin)
  • Milk + baking soda
    (gentle scrub but effective! milk lightens skin. can use yoghurt as a milk exfoliant with lactic acid property to gently exfoliate in stead of the milk)
  • Orange peel
    shred this with a grater and leave to dry. Once dry, mix with honey or nothing and use as zesty exfoliation for your skin


tone to ensure all dirt is off your skin! vital for healthy skin and closes your pores to retain that moisture and hence collagen + elastin in your skin

  • Green tea
    soak tea bag and use the water
  • Apple cider vinegar + water/rose water (make sure to dilute
    to reduce pore size and brightens dull skin
  • Rose water
    simple but great way to resolve acne issues and refresh skin
  • dissolve 1tsp salt in 1c or 1/2c water
    great for acne and oily skin
  • Ice in a cloth
    close pores and tighten skin. great way to retain moisture if you already have a great balance with your skin + if you are having reactions with other products.
  • Lemon
    helps with blemish reduction and for glowing skin


great to do these once a month to get the best out of your skin

  • Oatmeal + water
    clarifying, moisturizing, glowing results
  • Plain honey
    leave for 20 minutes and see how soft your skin is
  • Peaches and cream!
    yes – not just a dessert! – lightens, brightens and restores skin health
  • Pea flour + yoghurt plain
    tightens pores, lightens skin
  • Plain milk
    lightens and acts as a peel
  • Yoghurt + banana
    tightens, lightens, has a mild botox facial lift effect
  • Honey + banana
    lifts, sculpts and moisturises
  • Honey + avocado
    ultra moisturising and great for oily skin
  • Sugar + lemon + honey
    glycolic peel effect, lightens and softens skin
  • Apple cider vinegar + 2 parts water
    tightens and brightens dull skin
  • Banana + OJ
    adds vitamin C back into the skin for a healthy glow and sculpts your skin
  • Baking soda + OJ
    great for black head removal
    can exfoliate with the compound right before washing/rinsing off
    injects the much needed vitamin C back into your skin

All face masks are preferably left on until dry (approx. 20 mins). Ensure they do not over dry (Otherwise this can dry out your skin) – can be ok for those with oily skin.


It is very important to clean your make up brushes – make these mixtures and ensure you do not keep putting dirt on your skin!

Stay clean, stay healthy!

  • Detergent/shampoo + water + 1tbsp vinegar
    You can either soak your make up brushes in this for 20mins (highly recommended if you haven’t washed them in a while) or use as a spray and wipe down the brushes after each use.
  • Oil + water mixture
    Combine and use as a dunk and wipe. It is best to dunk brushes in oil and then rinse with water. The oil takes off waxy residue.


Sure you wear make up and cleanse to get it off, but being gentle with your skin also helps! taking off your make up before cleansing is so critical – this way you won’t aggravate your skin (especially around the eyes) by rubbing on the cleanser vigorously!

So here’s a few make up removers you can make yourself! Try them out and enjoy glowing skin for longer

  • 1c water + 1.5tbsp baby shampoo + 1/8th tsp olive oil
    shake and use with a cotton pad to wipe off make up
  • 1/2 tbsp of coconut oil
    massage around face and wipe off


DIY make up at home now!

  • Eyeliner: charcoal + coconut oil
    mix and use like gel liner (NB. this is not waterproof)
  • Bronzer: corn starch + cinnamon + cocoa + nutmeg (for darkness add more nutmeg)
    In powder form! great for contouring


A must is to take care of the skin around the eye. Shows aging and forms wrinkles quickly due to sensitive skin.

  • Carrot seed oil
    Great for eyes mainly – blood circulation and dark circles
  • Almond oil
    Great for eyes mainly – blood circulation and dark circles
  • Vitamin E + Primrose oil
    Use all over face – great for clearing pigmentation, brightening, acne reducing, gets rid of dark circles, increases blood circulation and is great for night and day wear.
  • Vitamin E + rosehip oil + lavender oil
    Use all over face – great for moisture, blood circulation, night and day wear and restores pH balance (absorbed easily by the skin meaning skin immediately begins to hydrate, increase elasticity, replenish and rebuild skin tissue)


(this includes other skin treatments that may be an issue to you! Check them out and remedy those concerns now)

    egg yolk + lemon juice
    coconut oil – very hydrating.
    simply rub a little under your eyes and lids before going to bed

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