Body masks are great! leaving you cleaning clean, refreshed and best of all, we need to take care of our body skin as much as our facial skin

  • chick pea flour + 1/5th tsp tumeric + yoghurt
    once applied to the skin, let it dry for 10 mins. once dry, rub off. not only does this exfoliate, but also gets rid of dirt and increases blood circulation.
    if you do not have yoghurt or tumeric, don’t worry! just use a little bit of milk.
    the consistency of this should be just slight runnier than mashed potatoes.
    Great for all skin types and this is a clarifying, rejuvenating mask.


  • Salt + oil
    (great for acne prone skin, exfoliation, blackheads removal, moisturizing)

  • Honey + ground cloves + sugar
    (tightens pores, moisturises, cellulite reduction)
  • Coffee + salt + sugar + oil
    (for acne prone skin, cellulite remedy, brightens)


moisturizing your skin will leave it soft, glowing and hydrated for your day

  • Grapeseed Oil
    great for extra moisture, salons use this for massages, great for skin pigmentation. Downfall: will stain clothes
  • Coconut oil
    amazing natural moisture where your skin needs it most. Downfall: the smell if you are not used to it + needs reapplication 2 times a day
  • Body Butter
    in a double boiler melt equal parts of butters (i.e. mango butter, cocoa butter and shea butter) – ideally 1 cup each.
    mix and amalgamate + 1 tbsp olive oil
    cool and whip
    Can add essential oils for scent of your choice

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