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  1. Hi, can I use the henna mix for hair also? If not, can you please advice a good henna recipe for hair. Thanks for bunch of great informations, tips. I appreciate it alot! All the best to You! Anna

    • Hi Anna

      Traditionally this is the same recipe for your hair. But make sure u get the right type of henna. The normal ones make white hairs go orange or red. If u but the henna powder specific for your hair then there should be instructions on the packet.

      However, if u use the plain normal henna, then use this recipe provided for the richest colour possible from the powder.

      I hope this helps you 🙂
      Good luck

  2. Hi again, and thanks so much for the quick comment! 🙂
    Just last quick question:
    I am a bit confused about applying baking soda just to the roots of my hair. When I use olive oil conditioner ,for example, and then wash just the roots with soda, my lengths will still remain sticky..How can I get rid of olive oil from the rest of my hair. BIG THANKS IN ADVANCE 🙂

    • When it comes to oiling up ur hair to condition it.. I recommend using normal shampoo.. U need this for your hair to open n get rid of that oil I.e stripping the oil. Baking soda is best used if you are just routinely washing your hair. It’s quite drying so I definitely wouldn’t recommend using this on the tips of your hair and therefore only on the roots 🙂

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